Thursday, November 24, 2005

It begins

I've never been good at keeping a diary or a journal, but maybe it will work if I call it a "blog." It will be easier to keep up with, since I usually know where my computer is. The only remaining obstacle is motivation. It feels foolishly arrogant to think that people would want to read my every trivial commentary. Then again, a surprising number of men are paying good money to talk to me -- some even repeatedly. Perhaps it won't be a complete waste of time and server space to post my thoughts and observations from time to time.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and unlike everyone else, I have absolutely no special plans. It's one of those widely commercialized holidays that I don't really care much about. There's a hypocrisy about it that I just cannot celebrate. Aside from the obvious insult of "honoring" a people driven to extinction by genocide and breeding, it's just a bullshit concept that only Americans could take seriously. We've become such a spoiled, selfish society that we have to have a holiday to ensure one day of half-assed gratitude for the charmed life even the poorest wino enjoys. I humbly acknowledge my blessings every day, so fuck Thanksgiving. I'll roast a turkey when I feel like it.

Of course, to everyone else reading this, I hope your holiday is wonderful. Just because I don't participate doesn't mean that I don't wish happiness to those who do.


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