Friday, October 24, 2008

Why Herbert Morrison is the greatest journalist I've ever seen

In case you don't know, Herbert Morrison is the guy who recorded the Hindenburg crash. I think he did a spectacular job because you could tell that he was absolutely heartbroken, as any human with a heart would be while witnessing the simultaneous deaths of 36 people. The tears in his voice proved his humanity. Even so, he kept on describing the incident for posterity's sake. He didn't stop to cry or to compose himself (The latter is practically demanded of modern journalists.) but instead soldiered on, telling the world what he saw. People often accuse journalists of being heartless sharks, but this man proved that reporters do have heart and no matter what agony will still give you the story. I salute this man and in tribute, will learn his name and tell it to anyone who listens to my most idle thoughts.


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